Are you a high net worth individual? Then the wealth management rules are different for you.

Mark Tepper rightly assures us that we should all consider ourselves wealthy if we have the resources to live the lives we want to live without compromise. However, if you fall into one of his higher-net-worth categories, you will find that Exceptional Wealth is speaking directly to you.

Tepper, author of the acclaimed Walk Away Wealthy, stresses that if you are someone with a high net worth, you have to realize that managing your wealth is complex. He clearly outlines key steps and sophisticated strategies that experienced professional financial advisors should be implementing for you. Each high net worth individual has unique and different forms of wealth, investments, and objectives. Consequently, individual and special family needs demand specifically tailored financial plans and approaches. Good investment management might have made you wealthy, but Tepper solidly brings home the point that only proper wealth management will keep you wealthy.

Those whose wealth exceeds $1,000,000 will likely benefit most from the keys and myths that Tepper outlines, but this book is relevant for anyone looking to take the next step in wealth accumulation and preservation. The bottom line, as Tepper advises, is the following: Prosperous individuals require a higher level of sophistication when it comes to optimizing their financial affairs.

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January 12th, 2018

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  • Anonymous says:

    Exceptional Wealth is a very informative read that helps explain the complexities of wealth management. Although it is especially geared toward the high net worth individual, (above $5M) most will find helpful advice at whatever level of wealth they have achieved. In his clear and concise writing style, Tepper specifically outlines what steps YOUR investment managers should be taking to protect your accumulated wealth. While so many wealth management books are chapters of theory with…

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