Children living in poverty have the same God-given potential as children in wealthier communities, but on average they achieve at significantly lower levels. Kids who both live in poverty and read below grade level by third grade are three times as likely not to graduate from high school as students who have never been poor. By the time children in low-income communities are in fourth grade, they’re already three grade levels behind their peers in wealthier communities. More than half won’t graduate from high school–and many that do graduate only perform at an eighth-grade level. Only one in ten will go on to graduate from college. These students have severely diminished opportunities for personal prosperity and professional success. It is clear that America’s public schools do not provide a high quality public education for the sixteen million children growing up in poverty.

Education expert Nicole Baker Fulgham explores what Christians can–and should–do to champion urgently needed reform and help improve our public schools. The book provides concrete action steps for working to ensure that all of God’s children get the quality public education they deserve. It also features personal narratives from the author and other Christian public school teachers that demonstrate how the achievement gap in public education can be solved.

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October 1st, 2017

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  • Anonymous says:

    This is an excellent book on the injustice of the opportunity gap that exists between kids in low income families and others. It’s a challenging thought to consider if our school system is separate but not equal. Are we really giving every student the same chance to succeed? Are we doing all we can and should do? Does the church have an obligation to stand up for this injustice like we do for other things like unsafe drinking water in Africa or human trafficking in Asia and Latin…

  • Anonymous says:

    Good overview of the major issues related to inequality in public education. Fulgham nicely outlines the significant factors as well as related historical issues contributing the current state of the public education system. She clearly outlines the spiritual imperative to respond to this issue as Christians. In addition, she provides a wealth of resources and strategies that can be used to intervene on many levels. Lastly, the personal disclosures Fulgham made from her own life provide a…

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