As corporations and the government continue to shift the responsibility for retirement savings to workers, employees at all economic levels must develop a personal plan to ensure a financially secure retirement. In Double Your Retirement Income, financial professional Peter Mazonas provides readers with the tools and information needed to overcome retirement obstacles. Beginning with a broad overview of the economic realities readers will face, this comprehensive guide helps them take a step back and make an honest assessment of what it’s going to take to retire on their terms. Filled with in-depth insight, expert advice, and illustrative charts and graphs, Double Your Retirement Income shows readers how to effectively manage Defined Contribution Plans, understand Defined Benefit Pension Plans, buy and hold a balanced portfolio of no-load, and much more.

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July 28th, 2017

Posted In: Income Strategies

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  • Mr. Lu. says:

    Investing should be boring. This is another book on the never ending topic of retirement. As many others it claims to have the formula that will allow you to retire with more money than you thought possible. It advocates invest all your retirement portfolio on index funds that track the market. Without judging if this is right or wrong; you should use caution as with any other “magical” investment mix and do what’s best for you.Mazonas tells us that by investing in those funds the savings on commissions and…

  • Jason P says:

    What a chump I have been! Peter gives a road map to a successful retirement by doubling retirement income. He offers practical advice on budget, planning, investing with details in the uncertainty of the safety net entitlement of Social Security and pension.Following his lessons will probably get into a comfortable retirement. However, it requires allocation of resources. Sadly Americans saving rate is negative. This book only concerns personal finance with no attention to personal health. Diet,…

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