This book divides two parts. The first part explains why US encouraged outsourcing strategy can influence global wealth inequality. Then, the second part explains whether US can influence global wealth inequality. This book first part indicates although, nowadays, outsourcing is popular strategy to any global organizations. But they neglect outsourcing strategy has also disadvantages. This book concerns to explain why outsourcing strategy can bring benefits to some organizations, but it can also bring disadvantages to some organizations. I shall indicate evidences to explain what the reasons are not right when the organizations choose outsourcing strategy. So, any organizations need to analyze their situations whether are suitable to apply outsourcing strategy to operate their management, before they decide to make outsourcing strategy. Why outsourcing is one main factor influence global wealth inequality. This book seond part concerns to give case studies or evidences to explain whether the wealth inequality occuence is influenced by the super rich country, America. In the first part, I shall explain whether it has close relationship between America’s participation to global competition and poverty and wealth inequality. Next part, I shall explain to give case studies or reasonable evidences to explain why I think America can not influence to wealth inequality in the world. This book is suitable to any students who like to find evidences to research what the factors to cause the effect in economic view.

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August 21st, 2017

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