Congress uses the tax laws to encourage or discourage certain behaviors, and to steer the economy. Their tax incentives (or strategies) encourage conservation, economic development, charitable giving, retirement savings, real estate development, and more. That

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January 1st, 2018

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  • Amazon Customer says:

    Small book with a hefty price tag… …but well worth every penny that I spent. America’s Best Tax Strategies is an introduction to legitimate ways to save on taxes. As a person who is just now becoming interested in truly generating wealth, I read this book and was amazed at how easy it was to understand the concepts introduced by the author. (They should teach this stuff in high school!) I’ve read other tax savings books and have gotten confused. But I suggest you read this book and if you wish to follow the strategies…

  • Casual Reader says:

    Good to see this stuff explained I just finished reading this book. It has lots of summaries but the ones I like best involved tax-free compounding, bonds, annuities, LTC insurance, 1031 exchanges, 412i plans, CRTs, Roth IRAs, owners-only 401k, private pensions, ILITs, and all the ones on real estate. I never knew there were so many tax breaks for real estate owners. The chapters on VUL and private pensions were a little tough to follow but the rest of them were laid out well. The chapters on charitable giving should be…

  • Mike says:

    Average Middle Class Joe Taxpayer After reading the other reviews I was very disappointed by this book for three reasons. The first is that it contains very little information that is useful to anyone who is building wealth. You need to be wealthy to benefit from pretty much all of the advice (although maybe we should blame the government for this point and not the author). Secondly, the author summarizes each technique using the same jargon found in the IRS publications. There is a short section at the end of the book…

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