The most common complaint of middle-income taxpayers is that the tax system favors the rich. Sean M. Smith, an experienced tax accountant, knows better. In this easy-to-use handbook, he presents everything taxpayers need to know to get the tax breaks they have earned.

In a clear, clutter-free format organized by tax-savings goals and including examples, planning pointers, and checklists, 101 Tax Loopholes for the Middle Class outlines specific, legal tax avoidance and deferral strategies, spelling out loopholes for a variety of tax circumstances. Smith offers valuable tips for every stage of life, from withholding and estimated tax loopholes to maximize a paycheck, to retirement plan and estate planning loopholes to maximize future returns. Homeowners and investors, wage earners and the self-employed, small-business owners and part-time staffers can all pocket a profit with these little-known techniques. Smith even includes tricks of the trade for surviving an IRS audit.

Up-to-date, with 1997 tax law changes, 101 Tax Loopholes for the Middle Class won’t make paying taxes fun, but it can literally make the experience more rewarding.

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December 21st, 2017

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