The decision of whether to go to college, or where, is hampered by poor information and inadequate understanding of the financial risk involved. Adding to the confusion, the same degree can cost dramatically different amounts for different people. A barrage of advertising offers us new degrees designed to lead to specific jobs, but we see no information on whether graduates ever get those jobs. In Will College Pay Off?, Peter Cappelli, an acclaimed expert in employment trends, the workforce, and education, provides hard evidence that counters conventional wisdom and helps us make cost-effective choices. Among the issues Cappelli analyzes are: What the real link is between a college degree and a job that enables you to pay off the cost of college Why the most expensive colleges may actually be the cheapest in the long run How parents and students can find out what different colleges actually deliver to students and whether it is something that employers really want Insightful and informative, Will College Pay Off? helps students and parents make smart financial decisions and provides the foundation for students to succeed in the real world.

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July 7th, 2017

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  • Anonymous says:

    This book describes the reality of higher education and major changes taking place in labor markets. The gist is that college has been over-sold as path to a good job and secure income. Work ethic and social skills are important; academic knowledge is not. One implication is that the online degrees, which supply academic knowledge outside of a social setting where social skills can develop, are exactly the opposite of what one needs.The conclusions seem to be 1) get the least…

  • Anonymous says:

    “A career is a marathon, not a sprint.”The cost of college has been a point of debate for a couple of decades. It is true that tuition at colleges have increased significantly over the past twenty or thirty years. Though some are worried, the response has been the same: college is worth the investment. The narrative is part of American culture: you finish high school, you go to college, you work hard, and you leave college with great job opportunities ahead of you.Well,…

  • Anonymous says:

    This book is a methodical analysis of how investing in a college education can be harmful or helpful. Cappelli’s approach was a no-BS investigation of data with reasonable conclusions and recommendations. It was never a question of whether college would pay off for me. But he explains how to avoid causing harm to your education and work career. More importantly, he offers an idea of what will create the most value from education and how to turn that in to a job. He drives home what a new…

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