“A perfect read as a financial primer. Weston’s solid and occasionally humorous writing shines through . . . [and] takes this book from being yet another personal finance book to being an enjoyable read I would recommend.”—The Simple Dollar

Millions of us skate by from paycheck to paycheck. We all have financial goals we want (or need) to achieve, but are perplexed by how to get there. But expert financial advisor Liz Weston has carved a path, with ten simple strategies that help anyone avoid critical mistakes, survive downturns, and make the numbers work.

Debunking well-trod myths (pay down all your debt immediately) while giving unexpectedly brilliant tips (it’s okay to let student loans linger), Liz Weston outlines everything you need to become financially viable, including how to:

   • Know what you can afford
   • Create a survival plan with cash and credit
   • Manage “good debt” to get ahead
   • Save for retirement without sacrificing today

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July 16th, 2017

Posted In: Debt Relief

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  • Susanna Hutcheson says:

    Real answers to real problems from a financial expert I found this to be one of the better personal finance books available at this time. It’s written strictly for the new normal, an economy that’s badly wounded and not healing quickly.Weston, unlike Suze Orman and many others, understands that cash strapped, debt-ridden people can’t build a large emergency fund and pay off debt and do it all. There has to be a real, workable way to get ones debts and financial life under control.Her book is based on the realistic, the…

  • Angelynn says:

    Based on reality I found this book to be clear, concise and motivating. Liz offers flexibilty and understanding in her writing. Unlike this book offers advice for both full and part-time workers on proper budgeting, doesn’t assume you can magically make more money on a whim, but offers possible side jobs and other ideas to bolster my income as well as supplement my earnings during the…

  • tvbambi says:

    Great Resource for those lacking Fiscal Common Sense As one whose intellectual acuity diametrically opposed to her fiscal common sense, I found Liz Weston’s The Ten Commandments of Money to be a wonderful resource for smart people who tend to do dumb things with money. Weston’s book is like a great teacher’s lecture: she never talks down to you, she shows diligence in making sure that you understand the key concepts and she gives you the tools to utilize what you’ve learned. I have already begun to put some of the commandments to work and I no…

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