Al Jones had to hit rock bottom before he recognized the financial hole he had dug for himself. He had weakened his financial foundation with a series of poor decisions, and a criminal case of identity theft had struck the finishing blow. It would take a lot of work to repair his credit. Luckily, Jones was up for the challenge! He now wants to share his insightful journey with you.

In this simple financial guide, Jones covers

  • the importance of routine and structured expectations on your own financial journey,
  • the key to recognizing new opportunities to improve your life,
  • the best ways to manage your time,
  • the harmful financial effects of high-risk activities,
  • the need to separate your emotions from your decision-making abilities,
  • the skills you can use to manage your financial anxiety, and
  • the resources at your disposal to help you take control of your finances.

At the end of each chapter, Jones includes a space to reflect on what you’ve learned. Pointed questions help you identify both healthy and harmful financial habits. Once you’ve gained financial freedom, Jones urges you to pay it forward and help others begin the same journey.

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January 6th, 2018

Posted In: Debt Relief

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  • M.I. Worth says:

    Prepare yourself to do an honest self analysis of your financial literacy! This is a book every consumer should read! Jones’ transparency allows the reader to understand how one’s childhood can be a direct link to present day decision making and emotional attitudes about credit, love, money and trust.Easy to read and concise with interactive excercises, I recommend this book to a widerange age group of 16-55, male and female. Upon completion, you will be compelled to make better choices, readjust your thinking about money and/or avoid many of the pitfalls…

  • joanna v. says:

    Great as a quick reminder or first-time reality check of … Great as a quick reminder or first-time reality check of your credit behavior.The book is a quick read with a total of 57 pages. After each chapter he provided thoughtful questions for self- evaluation and discovery of the why’s and how’s of your spending style.It’s easy language, not judge-mental or preachy.He described how he kept falling into debt. He came to the realization that having a partner wasn’t the answer unless, you and your partner worked together…

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