Profits Are Donated To The Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC No Credit? Bad Credit? Average Credit? Just Want To Learn About Finance? Well, congratulations because you have found the right book. Not even the table of contents can show all the lessons contained within this book meant to help consumers fight all types of financial problems just as Danny Singh fights for his mother including avoiding a foreclosure, reclaiming a repossessed car, fixing credit, avoiding deceptive loans as well as checking accounts filled with fees, and getting denied credit applications approved. In response to the student loans crisis looming in America and as a community college student himself, Danny advocates going to a community or state college and doing the maximum number of classes is the best financial decision that can be made versus getting into $100,000 of debt. Without needing bogus and expensive credit repair agencies, Danny will emphasize the most effective debt repayment plans and methods to save money on everyday purchases allowing for consumers to be debt free in months instead of years. Besides student loan debt, Danny expresses credit unions are the solution for consumers to effectively pay off any type of debt such as credit cards, auto loans, and mortgages. Being debt free will cause their insurance premiums to decrease and chances of better employment to increase in addition to living stress and bankruptcy free lives in which saving for retirement and other financial goals will be a breeze. Despite the financial conditions of a consumer or the economy, perfect credit is never impossible and Danny proves this in Finance 101: The Whiz Kid’s Perfect Credit Guide! If the knowledge in this book does not boost your credit scores and bank account balances then feel free to return or sell it. The purchase of this book is the only investment that is risk free but makes the most earnings. “I can say without reservation that Danny is a young man of impeccable character. Danny has taken a strong stand for his family as he began controlling the family finances. He is truly a unique individual who has had extremely different priorities.” Jason Brodeur, Florida State Representative, District 33 “Danny’s extensive knowledge of credit and the banking industry that he shared with me greatly impressed me considering his young age. His financial talents are rare and he is with no doubt a very gifted individual with a bright future ahead.” Bob Dallari, Seminole County Commissioner, District 1 “Paying the bills and balancing a checkbook–all the task and responsibilities of being an adult. But one mom said she handed it all over to her son at just 11 years old.” Central Florida News 13 “Danny was a natural, a finance whiz kid. Soon, he was spending time reading the small print on each of his mom’s credit card statements and every bill that came through. He started refinancing the ways banks work, how credit card companies calculate interest and what makes credit good.” East Orlando Sun “Growing up Danny wanted to be a doctor. But that changed, the moment his mom gave him a new chore around the house. One that saved her thousands of dollars, and helped her son find a new path in life.” Dallas/Fort Worth WFAA-TV

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July 23rd, 2017

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