Essential Private Remedies for Marketplace Deception

• The Federal RICO statute
• State RICO and civil theft statutes
• The Federal False Claims Act
• The Telephone Consumer Protection Act
• State UDAP remedies for violations of FTC and CFPB Rules
• FTC Holder Rule makes creditors liable for seller’s deception.

Key Federal Standards Regulate Consumer Transactions

• Detailed analysis of the nine most important FTC Trade Regulation Rules affecting everything from credit to cars to mail order sales to funerals
• New Consumer Financial Protection Bureau rulemaking The surprising reach of the FTC Telemarketing Sales Rule (not just to telemarketing), with equally surprising tough requirements on a broad array of businesses
• Federal law providing strong private remedies for unwanted calls and texts, junk faxes, and email spam
• Federal and state remedies for abuses concerning consumer credit counseling, debt settlement and negotiation, and debt elimination schemes
• State requirements concerning plain English and disclosures in languages other than English.

If ordered through the publisher National Consumer Law Center, this treatise includes access to a companion website with the appendices, statutes, pleadings, primary sources and other practice aids. Search for documents by category or with a table of contents or various keyword search options. All documents can be downloaded, printed, and copy-pasted. Pleadings are also available in Word format. Web access for this title is free if ordered through NCLC and remains available as long as this title is kept current through NCLC.

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September 22nd, 2017

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