Financial Crisis Management Attorney and Talk Show Host, Ken Gross, provides detailed steps on how to use the right mix of available tools to shed your debt – quick and at the least possible cost – so that your future income goes in the bank and not to the bank! The “secrets” of gaining approvals to a short sale, settling credit card debt and second mortgages at discounts of up to 90% are told by someone who does it every day for his clients – and most of all – someone who makes sure the “big picture” – tax issues, cost, risk and preservation of income are all evaluated in arriving at the right plan to DUMP YOUR DEBT! In the words of the industry he despises, the information in this book is priceless. Ken Gross founded the concept of Financial Crisis Management at the end of the 2008 when the economy crumbled. The concept is simple. The rules of the game have changed – you can’t just pay your debts and take the hit on your property values, when the banking, mortgage, insurance and auto industries get bailed out at taxpayer expense. Your responsibility is to preserve your future income for you and your family. This means, if there is a way to shed your credit card debt and house under water – you need to do it – so when you retire – you have cash in the bank and not wasted your future by paying exorbitant interest over the next 20 years. To get there, you need a comprehensive analysis as to the smartest and least costly avenue to attain your goals. This means – you must evaluate all the options – loan mod, short sale, debt resolution, foreclosure, bankruptcy and tax consequences – in order to determine the correct path. Ken Gross saw that the marketplace does not offer the comprehensive and necessary approach. This book does precisely that. People are stressed and looking for direction and help – read this book and you will be enlightened and empowered – there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it does not have to be a painful journey. The book begins with 4 common scenarios of people hurt in the financial crisis. From there, Ken Gross, leads you through the Tools of Financial Crisis Management and how to apply them to your situation. The approach is unique, creative and brilliant! DUMP YOUR DEBT is the, house under water, credit card debt, bankruptcy and tax problems “Bible.”

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September 25th, 2017

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  • Elaine Bitterman says:

    Help Is Here Ken Gross was helpful in assisting my son through the tedious process of short selling his home in Michigan’s declining market, and is now assisting me (an aging baby boomer) with a home loan modification, necessitated by changes in my financial status late in life. Without his invaluable and expert assistance, we would not have known how to navigate what feels like very treacherous waters. Though Ken is an esteemed lawyer in his field, his book tells what could be any man’s/woman’s story in…

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