It is noted that this BOOK has nothing to do with McDonald’s Corporation, the author is not part of McDonald’s Corporation and the only ties he has to McDonald’s is an occasional meal at the restaurant. Do you feel like you’re on a financial hamster wheel, running, running, running, and not making any economic progress? The Federal Reserve Bank (FED) said in a survey that 47% of adults could not sustain a $400 unexpected debt. This means many of us are only one bad break from a dangerous debt spiral. This Book is for You! Yes, the title of this Book was just for fun. But it is serious that we working people are stagnating, our wages are not rising, our net worth is staying the same (if not declining) and our debt, even after a leveling off in recent years, is now once again on the increase. What can we do now? This Book will answer that question Financial management has more challenges than spend less/save more. There are psychological, sociological, economic, political and pedagogical (the way we are taught) implications that should be considered and remedied before we can make real progress. That’s the call to action. But there’s good news – right now and right here we have everything available to help us live a life of economic comfort and retire wealthy. Let’s get started!

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July 7th, 2017

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  • Doug H. says:

    “Know Thine Enemy” When Dealing With Banks We all know dozens of not-very-smart people who have made a lot of money, but don’t seem able to hang on to it. Making money and managing money, however, are two different things. If you want to know how to manage your money wisely, ask a pro who has tangled with banks as an attorney for more than 25 years. Someone like Milton Jones, who has written a savvy, straight-forward book that is easy to understand and act upon. Mr. Jones knows “real-world” tactics to help you hang on to all the…

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