This book can change your life – for the better! In very simple, easy to understand everyday language, it clearly answers the most common questions about how bankruptcy works and it: A. Gives you a step by step guide to preparing a bankruptcy anywhere in the U.S. – without paying an attorney huge fees. (Just type it yourself or hire a typist.) It’s that easy. We show how to get the forms for Free! B. Explains how you may be able to file for Free. C. Attend only 1 or 2 meetings (each will last about 3 to 5 minutes.). You’ll answer “Yes” or “No” to three questions – and maybe never even see a judge! You can wipe out balances on: credit cards, medical bills, repossessions, judgments, garnishments, foreclosures and more. You can even stop a foreclosure! It’s all as simple as: A, B, C. We’ll “spill the beans” and make it so easy for you! You’ll also learn how to rebuild credit very quickly! Believe me, This Book Really Can Change Your Life For The Better!

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  • Bankrupty Is the Answer

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September 17th, 2017

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