There is no shame in filing for bankruptcy. In fact, the law’s provisions for bankruptcy are in place specifically to protect consumers. If it is the very last option out of your debt predicament, then it is a way out that you must take for the sake of your sanity and peace of mind. Filing for bankruptcy is not a quick and easy process though. Expect to do a lot of tedious paperwork besides dealing with psychological insecurities and the stress of rebuilding your finances and your life. Most people think that bankruptcy is a terrible stigma that you carry around with you forever. This is not true. Unfortunately, you will have to carry the disgrace around for a few years, but not forever. For a few years, you will find that it will be very difficult to get credit for major purchases like houses, cars and personal loans. Nevertheless, you can rebuild your good credit standing after you have declared bankruptcy. This book is going to be your comprehensive guide to rebuilding your credit and to bouncing back from bankruptcy. You will learn: • The bankruptcy process • Chapter 13 bankruptcy – the payment plan • Chapter 7 bankruptcy – the liquidation plan • Getting out of debt • Getting started rebuilding • Using secured credit cards to recover from bankruptcy • Rebuild through mortgage • Erasing credit damage: a step by step process • Using home equity to regain credit • Credit monitoring services Bankruptcy is the very last resort you can take to deal with major debts. The process makes life difficult for you for a few years but there is life after bankruptcy. You can make bankruptcy work for you. You can rebuild your credit back up, learn your lessons well and turn a negative situation into a positive thing.

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July 13th, 2017

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